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Tile and grout Cleaning in Nassau County NY,Tile Cleaning Garden City NY 11530

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Tile floor cleaning Deals

In this video we see that the man is using oxygen bleach powder to clean the tile and grout floors. We do like to use this method for cleaning and bleaching grout lines too. A few points I would like to make are. Sometimes in kitchens and homes with a lot of foot traffic oxygen bleach will not cut through grease,oil,tars and other oil based dirt. In those cases we will have to use an alkaline cleaning agent and in extreme cases a de-greaser. I would also not recommend home owners to pour water onto their floors as,you can cause a flooding/leak situation onto the rooms below. When dealing with tile and grout cleaning always call a professional steam cleaning company to have it done correctly. Preferred carpet and rug cleaners wants you to have your floors cleaned once a year . This week we cleaned tile floors in Oceanside NY 11572,Old Bethpage 11804, Old Westbury NY 11568,Oyster Bay NY 11771