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The Professional Carpet Cleaning Oyster Bay, NY Advantage

 When you have carpets in your home or office, you want to give them the best care possible to keep them free from dirt build-up, stains, and unpleasant odors. Many people who have tried to keep their carpets clean on their own solely through use of home vacuum cleaner equipment, store-bought stain removers, and carpet steam cleaner rental machines, discover over time that the most effective way to thoroughly clean their carpets is through utilizing professional carpet cleaning Oyster Bay, NY services at regular intervals throughout the course of the year.

 Yet, even with the understanding that professional carpet care is necessary, it is important to realize that not all carpet cleaning businesses are alike. Specifically, there are some things to look for when hiring a professional company to care for your carpets. Here are a few of the things we offer our customers, making us your best option:

We use only the most high powered cleaning equipment, and only the most effective cleaning methods. While some companies use inferior strength cleaning equipment and dangerous toxic chemicals which provide only surface cleaning of carpets, we use equipment that loosens and draws dirt out of the deepest levels of carpet fibers. Our hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning provides your carpet with the deepest and most thorough cleansing it has ever had, and our equipment is so powerful that it will not leave extra moisture in your carpet. We guarantee it.

We also use only top quality cleaning solutions that will not harm or damage carpet fibers, and that do not leave toxic residue in your carpet following cleaning treatments. With our cleaning services, you can rest assured that your carpets are receiving a thorough cleaning without putting your family's health at risk.

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