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Sewage Removal In Brooklyn, NY

 So there has been a pretty big storm and the street drains have overflowed right into your once clean basement. First thing to do: Don't panic!, this is something professionals such as ourselves can fix. Secondly, keep yourself and family members away from it. Sewage carries a lot of health risks such as infections and severe illness.

Now you've got your family safe, now is the time to contact us. As professional flood damage specialists, we can handle sewage removal in Brooklyn, NY with ease without breaking the bank. We are trained in the necessary skills to clean up the sewage and remove all possibility of infection or illness.

To start, we utilize our submersible pumps to drain as much of the sewage as possible. This stagnant water is the most important thing to remove from the flooded area and as quickly as possible. Not only does this speed up the overall cleaning process, but it helps reduce the damage to the homes structure which could become a very serious and extremely expensive issue. However we sadly can't save any furniture that comes in contact with the sewage and would recommend to have them removed without any delay once the removal is complete. After the sewage has been drained, we will set up a dehumidifier to handle the humidity and stop any spreading moisture from causing any more damage.

We understand that this can be a very stressful time but we will do everything we can to ease the stress of the disaster. Our sewage removal Brooklyn, NY service is provided in as painless but still supportive in your time of need without the excessive pricing many other service providers charge you.


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