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Professional Carpet Cleaning In Roslyn, NY Is More Affordable Than You Think

Had it with your carpet? Will those stains just not budge regardless of what cleaning products you use? Does vacuuming only seem to push around the fibers and remove surface dirt, while leaving pet hair, dander, mites, and other allergens remaining? If this is the case than we've got the solution you need! Our professional carpet cleaning Roslyn, NY services are just the thing you need to breathe new life into that old carpeting. You won't believe that it's the same carpeting once we're done cleaning it, you'll swear it's brand new!

We offer three different packages to choose from that allow you to get exactly what you and your carpet need most. Our elite package is perfect if you've never had your carpet professionally cleaned before. We'll move any light furniture and start with a pre-vacuum to remove surface dirt and dust. From there, we'll spot clean those stubborn stains and mysterious odors to begin loosening their hold. Next, we apply a preconditioner that works to loosen deep down dirt and further lift those stains. Next starts the real work as we use a hot water extraction process that gently but thoroughly pulls dirt and allergens from deep within your carpet fibers. Lastly, a fabric protecting agent will be applied to your carpeting to help repel stains and odors.

Our premium package is great for follow up cleanings, as it has all the powerful professional carpet cleaning in Roslyn, NY of our elite package, minus the application of fabric protector as it's not necessary. We also offer a green package that is specially designed for individuals with allergies. It utilizes cleaning agents that specifically target allergens. It involves the same deep steam cleaning of our other packages so you can be sure your carpet receives only the best attention.


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