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Dog urine on carpet Long Island NY| Pet stain removal Garden City NY


We all love our pets, but sometimes they can really make a mess in our homes. When your puppy goes to the bathroom on your wall to wall carpet or oriental rug you need to clean it fast. When urine stays inside of a rug or carpet, it begins to destroy the fibers the carpet or rug are made out of. When you call Preferred Carpet and rug cleaners to clean your rug that has pet urine in it we will flush out all of the urine and make sure we remove all the odors that are in the rug. We had a rug cleaning in Manhasset NY this week where the rug was wool and it had a ton of urine in it. We had to flush out the rug with cold water 3 times just to get all of the urine out of it. Give us a call @ 516-342-5692

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