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This winter Nassau County, NYC, and Long Island NY , have had many messy snow storms. This has made everyones carpets and hard surface floors a big mess. Once all of the bad winter weather breaks we recommend our customers to call us and have their carpets and tile floors professionally cleaned. We have some of the best carpet cleaning machines to remove spots and stains from your carpets. Here is a list of what home owners can do during the winter to care for their carpets with all of the salt residue we are seeing.

  1. Vacuum the slush from the mats and carpet using a wet/dry vacuum. Do this several times a day if needed. 
  2. When the mats and carpet are dry, vacuum them using a traditional vacuum, with the brush bar making good contact with the fibers. 
  3. Vacuum mats and carpet in multiple directions and do so slowly and deliberately in the worst areas. 
  4. If the salt stain is still evident, a stiff plastic bristle brush could be used to dislodge the crusted salt. 
  5. If the residue still won't break loose, you will need to apply an Encapsulating Salt Stain Remover. (Homeowners: you will need to call a professional in to do this step).


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